Digital and Offset Printing Overview

Our digital printing department features a twelve color, gallery quality printer.  We produce continuous tone images, with none of the typical digital printing shine to the ink.  Our digital printing is ideal for combining with letterpress printing, foil stamping, or as digital print only.  Our digital printing can be done on papers as heavy as 134# cover.  100% cotton papers such as Crane’s Cover, Kid finish print beautifully with our digital equipment.

We have a five color Heidelberg offset press and a two color Heidelberg offset press.

Heidelberg offset presses are the finest in the world, and set the standard for other printing press manufacturers to strive for.

Our maximum offset printed piece size is 13” X 19.75”, including all bleed content within the piece.

We can print on papers as thin as 24# writing and as thick as 165# cover.  When even thicker printed pieces are wanted, we can duplex the printed piece to another sheet of cover weight paper.

Our offset printed work is often only a portion of the final printed piece.  It is common for us to offset print that content which is best suited for this print method, and then to add letterpress printing, foil stamping, embossing or die cutting.

Often multiple printing methods are used on the same item.

The type of projects that we produce most often are offset printed wedding invitations, offset printed business cards, offset printed invitations, offset printed Mitzvah invitations, offset printed social stationery and offset printed business stationery, digitally printed wedding invitations, digitally printed business cards, digitally printed invitations, digitally printed Mitzvah invitations, digitally printed social stationery and digitally printed business stationery.