Our team


Owner and press operator

Trained in the traditional fashion. With 1500 hours of printing class room time, followed by a grueling four year apprenticeship. Training includes, the vocational printing program, the Graphic Arts International Union school, and Heidelberg University. 49 years of experience is impossible to replace.


Co-Owner and quality assurance

An incredible eye for detail, and the last set of hands on every assignment. Taking special care to inspect and carefully package each and every project.


Letterpress and foil stamping press operator

With Ian's 25 years of experience, nothing comes as unexpected. The ability to anticipate the special needs of your letterpress and foil stamped pieces is invaluable.


Finishing, duplexing and edge coloring

Taking on the most exacting and fine tuned final trimming projects is a way of life for Eric. Adjusting edge coloring dyes until they are spot on, and applying edge color with no "spill over" is his passion.